Robot Assisted Surgery

Robotic surgery offers more precise surgery due to 3D surgical vision, ability for the robotic instruments to move beyond human limitations, and much reduced fatigue to the operating surgeon. It is perfectly suited to reproductive medicine and benign gynaecological applications such as tubal surgery for infertility, endometriosis, myomectomy, hysterectomy and pelvic floor reconstructive surgery such as sacrocolpopexy. Due to the mechanical assistance offered as well as the physiological advantages offered by use of a low intra-abdominal CO2 pressure, the Davinci robot is also ideal for surgery in obese women, which is increasingly common.

The latest development of the Davinci system, the Xi uses a different patient cart which suspends the robotic arms from an overhanging boom enabling four quadrant surgery within the abdomen, rather than the unidirectional view offered by the older Si robot which has been available since 2010. The Si features a centrally located camera arm, while the Xi enables the camera to be located in any of the four arms, again increasing its flexibility and reach around the abdomen. The Xi may also be linked electronically to a dedicated operating table which enables the table and robot to be moved in unison without undocking from the patient, again further enhancing its flexibility and ease of use.


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